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a comedic experience coming to an open mic near you


because they say she has a way with words


bringing characters to life one performance at a time


Erophiliape  is a word I created to describe the various ways I express myself.  It was derived from the following words which all represent a form of love:

EROS refers to sexual love

PHILIA refers to brotherly or friendly love

AGAPE refers to God-kind of love

I am Lisa Love.  I courageously reveal my truest self through written and spoken words, through on-stage performances, and through spirited events! For a long time, I have tried to find a way to describe  my "whole self" in a few words.  Not an easy task.  Never did I think I could do it with just ONE word!  While I have known for some time that I embody EROPHILIAPE, I was never sure what to call it. Now I know. 

EROPHILIAPE is who I am and what I do.

Originally from one of the most culture-rich cities in the country, I am a New Orleans native.  Creativity is in me, and it gives me immeasurable joy to express it.  My most sincere desire is to inspire, encourage, entertain, and express love through art.  I invite you to join me for the journey. The best is yet to come!