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DISCLAIMER:  I shall report to this blog periodically for a mind dump which is necessary for me to make space for all the new stuff in my head. Don't expect to agree with everything.  What you can expect is to sometimes be entertained, informed, inspired, and perhaps involuntarily turned on. Hey, it could happen. I'm not asking much of you here.  Just read, think, and be.  Submit questions and comments if you choose... You share yours.  I'll share mine.  Thanks for stopping by.  #letmelisaloveyou

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Do Better. Live Better. Love Better.

Posted on December 3, 2018 at 9:10 AM Comments comments (1)

Greetings lovebugs! 

As 2018 comes to a close, I'm excited for all of us.  I'm excited because regardless of your station in life, there is always room for better...doing better, living better, and loving better.  I'm happy to be able to invite you to show your support of LOVE by purchasing LOVEBUG t-shirts for you and a friend!  I'm convinced that we live in a world that could never have too much love.  I consider it a privilege to be able to express myself creatively.  I am thankful for supporters and people who mention that they have been inspired by something I've said or done, but I get it.  It's not me.  It's the message. I only attract people who are drawn to the notion that whatever the problem, love is a HUGE part of the solution. I'm so grateful that my life's journey includes you. You are appreciated.  #letmelisaloveyou 

Thank you.